I got to do a quick little shoot for my friend’s daughter. I need to shoot more but with work and the puppy it’s been tough!

Catch with Bam Bam

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One of the many things I love about this puppy is that I have a reason to pull out my cameras and take photos. I was just playing fetch with her this morning and thought why not do a slo-mo of her coming down the hall and boom, here it is. I have a lot of other video from my DSLR that I can’t get into Instagram so it’ll go in the big “growing up” video montage that I’ll make sometime before I’m dead. I have video of Bam and Ava playing from almost every single day we let them out. I wanted Ava in there for scale so you can see how fast this dog is growing. It’s nuts.

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Today she turns 16 weeks old and on Monday she gets her last round of shots which signals the release from living exclusively in the front yard for her outside time. I seriously can’t wait to take her out and see the world because frankly, I’m sick of the damn front yard too!

P.S., The noise in the video is her chewing on the squeaky bit in the end of her skunk toy.

Bam Bam’s New Home

So here’s the deal. I started a website to chronicle my experience with my little puppy Bam Bam. It was at LifeWithBamBam.com. That site will be a re-direct to the Bam Bam category on this site. I should have known better and that starting a new website just for this was going to be a fool’s errand. Just look at my hundreds, nay, thousands of domains I bought over the years with good intentions. So I’m consolidating into my main site as I work to keep it up to date.

Bam Bam's Room

After much hand wringing and stress I’ve actually rented more of my friend’s home so I can have a studio to record in and give her a place that’s not her crate to be with her. We have a 10-year-old female Doberman in the house and she’s an insane puppy that needs constant supervision so it’s either she’s tethered on a leash with me or in her crate which just sucks for the both of us. So now we have a room that I can do shows in until she’s a bit more grown and she gets to expel some puppy energy to play with her toys. And it’s a damn fabulous room for sure. How many podcasters have a chandelier in their studio?

Anyway, I’ll be porting all the old posts over to here and also will be back posting all the photography and movies over to this category and introducing new stuff. I’ve done so much in the past 8 months and almost none of it is reflected here on the site. Since the dog gets me up at anywhere between 3am and 4am and I go to bed at 8pm to 9pm nowadays it gives me some quiet time to get a bunch of work done before the sun comes up but I need some personal time too so things will pick up here.

An Evening with Tim Ferriss

On Thursday I went to see my friend Tim Ferriss do his first live podcast at the Troubadour here in Los Angeles. I had to come home to the puppy early but I got to see a bunch of the show and took a few photos for those of you that couldn’t be there. Hopefully he’ll do more in the future and you should definitely check them out. Reminded me of the good old Diggnation days!

The Foggy Dew


We had a lovely foggy morning in the San Fernando Valley this week and I do love me some trees in fog so I was going hog wild. I’ll be printing this puppy as a large format print.



So, this is what I shot today while walking around with my new Nikon D810. It’s just a crappy sign at one of the local burger joints but if you right click here and select Save As… and zoom into the full res (it’s a 3.5 meg file so probably best not to do it on your phone) you can see that it’s a thing of beauty. I shot this on aperture priority at 200 ISO at f/4 with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8D lens. Just a quick shot while I was out grabbing coffee. It took me 2 years to save up for this thing. I hoarded away tons of Amazon credit and it is worth it. It’s my first full-frame DSLR and it was worth the wait. My D7100 is a damn fine camera and I’ve gotten a ton of great stuff with it but as someone who used to shoot large and medium format it’s nice to be back into the land of ridiculous fidelity. I’ll be posting a lot more photos in the future because I feel like I have a worthy camera now for all the time I’ve spent behind the lens.